My First Granny Square

It would probably be fair to say, and I’m sure my friends would agree, that I am not a natural crocheter.  For a start I insist on crocheting as if I am knitting.

But, having finally cracked the single crochet stitch, having been making amigurumi using slip stitch instead of single crochet (which has lead to a really dense fabric and really, really sore fingers), I decided it would a good step to learn to do a Granny Square.

So, off to Google where I found this really good How To: Craft Stylish – Granny Square How To

And the resulting attempt looks like this (I hasten to had, I’m pretty proud of this!):

My first granny square

3 thoughts on “My First Granny Square

  1. Ooh! Well done! I can only crochet a chain or attach that chain to some knitting. It is definitely on my to do list to learn though since I love some of the amigurumi out there.
    Looking forward to seeing your blanket 😀

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