Lana Stop Fur Collection

I was in Wibbling Wools the other day (which isn’t an unusual occurrence at all, I think I’m there most days) and decided that, having watched Lyndsey make one of the patterns from the new Lana Stop pattern book, I was going to have a go myself.

The yarn in question had arrived in the shop a week or so before, and I had declared it something along the lines of vile and disgusting, but none the less, I decided to give it a go.  I still maintain it is possible one of the most horrible yarns I have ever knitted with, but the finished outcome is just wonderful, so it’s worth enduring the hours of sweaty, acrylicy fingers for.  Which yarn is it?  Why, it is this of course:

Lana Stop Collection Fur

I have a couple of projects to take some photos of using this, but if you haven’t tried it yet…. it’s worth a play!

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