A Random Selection of Crocheted-ness

I’ve been playing about with some crochet on the side of my Alice in Wonderland project, it’s giving me some good respite from trying to figure out patterns and colour schemes.

The crocheted shrug is making progress, and I’m hoping to be able to finish that before I go away on holiday so that I can wear it. I’ve settled for 6 inch squares and am currently in the process of trying to figure out how to make the right colour combinations! I’m not very good at the is crochet pattern writing malarky, but I will post details of how I made it and the measurements I used once it’s finished.

These squares are made using my favourite yarn of the moment, Millamia (which is 100% Merino and feels amazing) on a 3.75mm hook.

My shrug squares have reached 6 inches! YAY!

I posted the link to this beautiful Hawaiian Flower pattern last night.  If you missed it, here is the link to the post: Hawaiian Flowers

I’m still trying to decide what to do with this pattern and what I want to use it for, maybe a scarf or a blanket? or maybe there is a way I can adjust it so that I can make a jumper or bag?? All ideas welcome!!  I’m going to keep stockpiling flowers until I decide what to do with them.

I’m using 3 colours of the Rico Design Baby Classic DK and a 3.75mm hook.

First Hawaiian Flower

Finally, I have started a new design for a crocheted cardigan, based around a granny square.  I’m going to provide details for this at a later time too, but here is a sneak preview of what I’ve done so far.  It is in Black Heritage DK on a 5mm hook.

The start of a new cardigan…

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