Wibbling Wools Latvian Mitten Class

So, I spent today in my favourite place in the world, Wibbling Wools, at their Latvian Mitten class, and it was… fantastic!

I didn’t know what to expect when I turned up, I’ve knitted mittens before using colourwork, but didn’t know what was going to make the Latvian style different.  The answer to that was, a lot!  And some of the things I’ve learnt today are going to make wonderful additions to other knitting projects.

Traditional Latvian Mittens look like this:

Picture from knittingtradionals.com

They have a mix of beautiful scalloped edges, looped fringes and braids, and best of all, they don’t have fiddly thumb gussets, just neat “slip stitches on to waste yarn, on the next row cast on however many you slipped off.  The thumb piece is also knitted to match the patterning on the glove, meaning it is almost invisible when they are laid out flat.  In the picture above you can only just make out the thumb.  Our class today covered all of this detailing, and I’m very proud to show you what I achieved:

Practice cast on, loop fringe and braid

My proper start! With 2 looped fringes 🙂

It’s a bit fiddly to start with, but once you get started you feel like you’re really achieving something.  My friend Mia was at the class with me, and so far her first mitten looks a bit like this:

Mia’s mittens

So, as well as a successful knitting day, we also had a scrummy lunch provided by Lyndsey’s mummy, and I got to buy more yarn! YAY!



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