Retail Therapy…

… and a spot of inspiration grabbing!  It’s been a great opportunity to look at some different colour work ideas and some clever knits.

First up I found this snood in New Look (Aztec Hooded Scarf), yours for only £12.99!!  I loved the shapes used in the colour work on this.

Scarf/Snood with pockets! Kindly modeled by my friend Hannah

Closer look at the colourwork

Next we have a lovely fair isle type beret from River Island, still trying to work out the pattern on this, should have taken a better picture.  I like the colours they have used though.

Accessorize had a wonderful selection of unusual scarves in, including this granny scarf-esque piece:

Granny Square Inspired Scarf

and this chain loop knitted scarf:

Chain Loop Scarf


Paperchase had these fun Left and Right gloves in stock, and I think I may be stealing this idea!

Left and Right Gloves

And finally, in Primark I found this head band with ear flaps.  I really like this design and may well have a play with seeing if I can replicate it… anyone for short row shaping??  Or maybe some alternate coloured ribbing?  I like the colours and the Norwegian star pattern though, it’s a simple design that works really well.

Primark Headband with Earflaps



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