Flower Power

So, I’ve been back from Rome a few days now and I’ve not posted anything about that yet.  I will post about that another time as I’m still trying to process everything in my head in to some logical order.  At the moment it feels like I have woken up from the most bizarre and wonderful dream.

Anyway…  Since I have been back I have been playing about with some knitting and crochet bits and bobs and just wanted to share with you a fabulous free pattern I have come across.

This afternoon I was making some more Hawaiian Flowers when I thought that they could be joined together to make a rather lovely blanket.  So I started making them in other colours, and I have now made 6 which are ready to have their last end sewn in and then be blocked.

 My thoughts then turned to what I could border the blanket it, and being someone who doesn’t tend to go for the easy option I decided I would look for some decorative squares to go around the edge.  Which is when I found The Lazy Hobbyhoppers beautiful Crochet Flower Square.

So far mine is looking a little like this:

I need to do the border on this as yet, which I am going to do in the same cream yarn as the outsides of my Hawaiian Flowers.

I was thinking of adding some of Lilley Stitches’ Heart Granny Squares to the border as well, but we will see how we get on!

So there are 3 lovely free patterns for you to have a look at, and hopefully be inspired by!

Happy knitting/crocheting 🙂


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