Going Cold Turkey

So, as you may know if you read my blog, I am about to start a new job.  You will also know that I have just had 2 weeks off, which included a trip to Rome.  Because of the above I have a very small of money left over until I next get paid, and I don’t know when that is going to be, or how much.  Therefore, I have imposed a spending ban.  This spending ban is limited to my main form of expenditure, which is, of course, yarn.

You will be impressed to know that since I have been back in the UK I have refrained from purchasing yarn.  I even spent an afternoon in Wibbling Wools and managed not to buy any.

Next Thursday I will have been a whole week with out buying any new yarn, and I can’t remember when that last happened.  It’s not like I really need any more yarn, but I just see it and I NEED it.

I thought, to “celebrate” this saving technique I would do some stash busting projects, and try and finish some started projects, and most importantly get my Alice in Wonderland window display finished.  I have a couple of cute, quick patterns I am working which I will post here soon.  For now I am just going to show you my current WIPs.

You have already seen the start of my flower blanket, which is using up bits a pieces as I go, it is either going to be a riot of colour or a complete eye sore!

There is my Pom Pom scarf which should be quick to finish if I just get on with it:

Pom Pom Scarf

There is also this baby jumper I made for my neighbour’s little boy who is now too big for it.  It only need stitching up and the collar knitted and then it’s done… fortunately I have a pregnant friend expecting a boy 🙂

And the last WIP I want to try and finish this week is this Brigita scarf I have designed, I have done one pattern repeat, just need to keep going with it now.  It’s only for a child so it shouldn’t take too long:

There are plenty more stored away in bags in the spare bedroom, but a little at a time and all that!! I shall keep you posted no doubt.

And I am very sorry Lyndsey, but your best (?!) customer is about to become your worst, but I’ll still be taking up my weekly residence on the sofa in your shop!!!

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