Yarn Review: Rico Design Pom Pom

As you’ll have seen in a previous post I’m knitting a scarf using this Rico Design Pom Pom yarn.

I’ve never knitted with any form of “scarf” yarn before, so it is a new one, but it makes quite nice mindless knitting.

Admittedly, I didn’t choose the best colourway, but when I bought it back in August, Wibbling Wools hadn’t had their full delivery in and the colours are growing on me.  The spectrum of colours and prints available in this yarn are vast, and you can use it for things other than scarves.  I have seen some lovely baby blankets knitted in it.

The ball comes with a pattern printed inside the band for how to knit a straight forward scarf, from here you can then modify the number of cast on stitches to make whatever you like.  I am using it with Sirdar Big Softee, both in teal blue colours, to make a blanket as well, another project which still needs to be finished!

I would love to find this colourway somewhere as I think it would make a really stunning piece:

It is easy to use, though the initial cast on baffled me a bit, but once you get past that it grows really quickly.

I would recommend it if you want a quick project, or if you want to use a different type of yarn in a project to add a variety in texture or thickness.  It’s surprisingly good fun to use.

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