Crochet Hook Case & Bam Pow! Mitts

Another Christmas present I made was for my lovely friend Mia.

I made her this crochet hook case:

Crochet Hook Case

Crochet Hook Case

The outside uses star stitch which was a new stitch to me.  It took some time to get the hang of it, but once I did I was able to make quick progress.  The inside looks like this:

Inside of Crochet Hook Case

Inside of Crochet Hook Case

By using “through the front loop only” and “through the back loop only” stitches in the middle of the internal panel it makes the spaces for the crochet hooks to slide in to.  It is very clever!!

The pattern can be found here on the Crochet World Magazine website.

The modifications I made were not to do the crocheted bobbles, but to make a flower to use as a button instead, that way I only had to make one loop to close it with.

Now, there is another pattern I would like to share with you, it is not a free pattern, but it is worth every penny!! And that pattern is for these wonder fingerless mitts:

Bam! Pow! Mitts

Bam! Pow! Mitts

I don’t normally pay for patterns, I find something I like and then make it up, or I search for a free version.  But this pattern has been worth its weight in gold!  You can download it from Ravelry here.  The pattern is called Fightin’ Words and was designed by Annie Watts who has a whole range of wonderful patterns available!

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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