Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitt Pattern!

Here is a FREE pattern for you all. These are my Lyndsey Mitts, designed especially for my friend Lyndsey (of Wibbling Wools) birthday!  The pattern is for a really simple pair of mitts which are knitted flat.  Ideal for people who don’t like knitting in the round!

In the picture you can see one mitt as it is finished flat, and the other sewn up!

Lyndsey Mitts

Lyndsey Mitts

For this pattern you’ll need about 100m of aran weight yarn and some 5mm needles.

You can download it here: Lyndsey Mitts

10 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitt Pattern!

  1. Don’t know what I am doing wrong but the numbers don’t seem to come out right. When I get to the part 3 when I follow the directions I don’t come out with the right amount of stitches at the end. I end up with 36 stitches. If I do K14 at the beginning and K15 at the end it comes out right and then change the numbers minus 1 on the other rows it should come out right? Also, what size does this fit? I am doing it for a baby 3-6 months old. Is this going to be to big?

    • Hi Kathleen. Are you remembering to increase by 2 stitches between the stitch markers for the thumb gusset?
      And the glove size is adult.
      You could try using a 4 ply yarn on a 2.5mm or 3mm needle and seeing if that comes up small enough?

      • I am doing that and then when you get to the next row how are you getting 5 stitches between the markers when you are only doing a k1, p1, k1? Must admit I am getting frustrated with the pattern but really like the looks of it. Am using a sport yarn and smaller needles to accomadate for a smaller hand. Thanks for any help on this.

      • That is an error on my part by the sounds of things. I will correct the pattern when i get home from work. If you drop me an email on annahandknits@gmail.com I will send the amended copy to you directly so that you definitely get the correct version.

        I will also post an update here.

      • Hi Kathleen,

        I have had a look at the pattern, and even knitted the first 3 rows of the thumb gusset and it works fine.
        On row 3 of the pattern you are K15, Slip marker, Make 1, Knit 1, Make 1, slip marker, knit 16 – this leaves 3 stitches between the markers which is correct for row 4, and then row 5. It increases again on row 6, so that there are 5 stitches between the markers, which sets the pattern for rows 7 and 8.
        If you are still having problems feel free to drop me an email.


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