Rowan Purelife Inspired Throw

… Crocheted in Bergere de France Magic +.


I saw this Rowan blanket on the back cover of January 2011’s Simply Knitting and loved it. Because of this my “not buying any yarn” went out of the window and i finally caved in.

Happily I went home with 12 balls on Bergere Magic + smuggled away in the bottom of my knitting basket.

I’ve been crocheting away and am super happy with the fraction of my blanket I’ve created.


Snug Blanket Guidelines

You will need:
A 5mm crochet hook
Aran weight yarn in 4 colours as follows (all colours are from the Bergere Magic + collection):
– 10 x Prunier (254681)
– 10 x Renard (290451)
– 10 x Seneve (290421)
– 5 x Brebia (233081)


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