Monday Evening

I love doing commission work, but I do find it quite stressful – wanting it to be done on time and look amazing takes it’s toll, and my hands are certainly a bit achey after a week of crocheting.  So, this evening I’m having a play evening.

image (2)

I’ve got my drop spindles out to make myself some more yarn.  I have some lovely rich purple roving, which I am presuming to be something like Blue Faced Leicester judging by the crimp and the stickiness of it, and some amazingly soft white merino.

The other week I made the pale purple and white merino yarn – using the two smaller spindles to spin and the larger on to ply – I’ve made about 55m so I’m happy with that 🙂 Also, very cleverly, I’ve managed to make “thick’n’thin” yarn – very in vogue this year, and evidence of my fledgling spinning skill! But practice makes perfect and I find it pretty therapeutic.

One other thing I have had a quick play with tonight is making knitting needles… Amazing what you can do with a 99p length of 9mm dowel, a £1.99 hack saw, a scrap of sand paper and some Fimo!

photo (1)

They’re a bit chunky, and the tops are a bit nobbly, but not bad for an experiment.


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