Hello :)

It’s been really hard to post lately because I’ve been doing designs for people that i have really been able to talk about. Makes it pretty difficult to blog anything.
But… I have seen the lo-res images for the new Artesano yarn book and it looks AMAZING. I’m really excited to have had the opportunity to have a piece in there.

At the beginning of last month i went to Ally Pally with Wibbling Wools to represent Bergere de France. Lots of fun was had! But was it exhausting!!



Since then I’ve been working on a few new ideas, including Nigel the Rabbit, so colourwork and neons in crochet blankets:




And tonight, as my lovely new 2mm lacework addi’s have arrived, I’ve made a start on Russian Lily’s Four Seasons Summer Symphony Wedding Ring Shawl… The tiniest yarn I’ve ever worked with, and a pretty intense pattern!! 3 teeth in to the edging… So far so good!! 48 to go before i pick up 400 odd stitches. Sometimes things seem like a really good idea!!!


Hope you’re all snuggled up warm!!

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