Talking about the weather….

Humans love weather.  We love everything to do with it.  Complaining about it. Celebrating it.  Making it break records.  Trying to predict it.  As long as we’re talking about it we’re happy.  We can even talk to complete strangers about it.  It’s the one thing we all have in common.

2015 Weather Blanket Day 4

2015 Weather Blanket Day 4

For a few years I’ve been looking at peoples blogs and pictures of the beautiful blankets and scarves they make each year celebrating the different weather that occurs, and this year, FINALLY, I remembered in time to start one of my own on New Years Day.

2015 Weather Blanket Day 1

2015 Weather Blanket Day 1

I made a plan.  I bought a little diary.  I ordered my yarn.  Then I was ready.  I actually had to wait a few days to start.  I almost made a square for December 2014 to have as a cushion in my impatience.

The wonderful thing is – you’re not too late to start you’re own and they’re super easy to set up.

For me the most rewarding thing is that there is no pressure to “get it done”.  You just do a round or a row or a square a day and that’s it.  You can’t rush it to get it finished because you need to wait each day to see what the weather is.

I’m using Stylecraft Special DK because it’s got a great colour range and because it’s cheap.  Fortunately it’s lovely to work with too and isn’t scratchy or hard.  My “recipe” is below, you can use it as a guide or copy it exactly, I don’t mind at all.

Weather Blanket 2015 – Colour List:

2015 Weather Blanket Colour Chart

Sunny no clouds: Stylecraft Special DK “Sunshine”

Sunny with clouds: Stylecraft Special DK “Citron”

Cloudy and dull: Stylecraft Special DK “Grey”

Cloudy and light rain: Stylecraft Special DK “Denim”

Raining: Stylecraft Special DK “Turquoise”

Thunderstorms: Stylecraft Special DK “Petrol”

2015 Weather Blanket Day 2

2015 Weather Blanket Day 2

Snow/Icy/Sleet: Stylecraft Special DK “White”

Foggy/Misty: Stylecraft Special DK “Silver”

Instead of doing stripes or individual squares for each day I decided to do a square per month that could then be joined to the the other squares to make a throw. My squares consist of 35 rounds, 4 of which are complete rounds and 31 of which are half rounds.  I didn’t want my squares to end up ginormous so I decided to make them asymmetrical.

Using Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment I have made the initial corners of my squares.  Later I will embroider a Roman numeral to show which month it is.  Each square has 35 rounds so that all 12 months end up being the same size and all “non-day” rounds will be in the parchment colour. This means that January has 4 rounds in parchment and February has 7 parchment rounds.  A month with 30 days will have 5 parchment coloured rounds.

Hopefully this all makes sense.  But as it’s so personal to how you choose to do it you can literally make it up as you go along!  And if you don’t fancy recording the weather for 2015 – why not the temperature? Or your mood? the possibilities are endless!

2015 Temperature Blanket

2015 Temperature Blanket – Day 5

You can follow my progress on instagram: @annabrookman and on my facebook page.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I would love to see your pictures so please, if you’re on instagram, use the hashtag #crochetweatherblanket2015 or #weatherblanket2015

I have an ideas board on Pinterest: Weather / Temperature / Mood Blanket

4 thoughts on “Talking about the weather….

  1. I am jealous!
    I want to do a weather blanket. I just don’t think I have the time. I might try though. Is it too late to start, 7 days into January? Actually it would be longer than that since I have to buy the yarn too :S

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